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Hunter Clinical Research has its own website. Please visit: http://www.hunterclinicalresearch.com.au/

Established in 2005 by principal investigator, director and pain management specialist, Dr Marc Russo, Hunter Clinical Research (HCR) is a private clinical trials facility located in Broadmeadow (Newcastle) NSW. Since establishment, HCR has conducted over 35 Sponsored Clinical Trials for leading multinational and Australian pharmaceutical and clinical research organisations.

HCR offers wide-ranging clinical expertise and experience in a comprehensive range of therapeutic areas and phases of clinical trials conduct. HCR provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and clinical research organisations with a dedicated purpose-built facility designed around the needs and requirements for conducting clinical trials.

HCR employs highly skilled staff that have comprehensive clinical trials experience and strive for an unsurpassed reputation through continuing education and industry bench-marking to provide the highest standards of patient care. By applying quality management systems, advancing clinical procedures and a unique personal approach HCR offers each patient a safe and secure experience.

Clinical trials are ethics approved studies that test new treatments, such as drugs or medical devices. Clinical trials often require patients to visit the clinic several times, keep a diary or phone the clinic daily to allow our co-coordinators to monitor the treatment.

All clinical trials undertaken by Hunter Clinical Research are approved by an independent ethics committee and adhere to the highest ethical standards as required by government and international bodies.

If you are interested becoming a participant in of any of our upcoming clinical trials, please call or email Hunter Clinical Research:

T: + 61 2 4985 1860

E: admin@hunterclinicalresearch.com.au

F: + 61 2 49 622046